Key Services

With physical office locations throughout the State of Florida, ATS prides itself on customer service. Purchasing a home can be a time-consuming and stressful process; therefore it is our goal to make the process as convenient and as stress-free as possible for the customer. Reacting swiftly to the needs and concerns of the customer is one of the hallmarks at ATS.

Issuance of Title Insurance Policies

ATS will issue Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies for residential, commercial, leasehold and co-operative properties as agents of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

Perform Searches

ATS can perform general Title Searches as well as specific Title Searches to determine the existence of specified encumbrances or issues. In addition, ATS performs Municipal Lien Searches, Municipal Taxes Search, UCC Searches, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure searches.

Settlement Agent Services

ATS will act as the settlement on purchase, refinance, REO, Short Sales, and Sale by Owner transactions concerning residential and commercial properties. As the settlement agent, we perform the following services:

  • Draft preliminary settlement statements for a closing cost estimate
  • Obtain written request for payoff information on any outstanding mortgages
  • Obtain written request for estoppel letters from homeowners and condominium associations
  • Clearance of any outstanding interests of prior owners, their heirs at law or spouses
  • Dispose of money judgments, federal or state tax liens affecting the property
  • Examination of any judicial proceedings affecting the chain of title
  • Interaction with mortgage lenders to ensure their numerous requirements are complied with
  • Document preparation, including Closing Disclosures, Deeds, Bills of Sale, Affidavits of Title, and other documents necessary for the effective transfer of title and creation of security interests
  • Prorate real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance dues and rents
  • Order boundary survey
  • Coordinate closing with real estate agents, lender, buyers and sellers
  • Assistance obtaining hazard, flood and windstorm insurance
  • Conduct the settlement, including document signing & notarization, throughout 13 offices in the state of Florida
  • Disbursement of closing funds and the payoff of existing liens
  • Recordation of Deeds, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, and Releases in the public records of the county where property is located
Escrow Services

ATS will hold the earnest money deposit in escrow for your transaction as well as post-closing escrows for repairs, FIRPTA, post-closing occupancy agreements, and other post-closing matters.

White-Glove Home Closing Service

What sets ATS apart from other title companies is our “Proven Closing Process”.  With thousands of successful real estate closings totaling over a billion dollars in real estate value, the ATS team has developed a Proven Closing Process unrivaled in the industry.

At the foundation of our Closing Process is our concierge level of service.  The moment you entrust ATS as your title agent, you will be assigned your own personal ATS concierge whose role it will be to guide you through our Proven Closing Process and ensure that you have a smooth real estate closing.  Your ATS concierge will schedule an introductory phone call with you to discuss your transaction from start to finish.  You will also be asked a series of Proven Closing Process questions specifically designed to determine whether there are any areas of disconnect that require attention.  Areas of “disconnect” and “misunderstandings” about the closing process are the top reasons real estate transactions become problematic.  Your ATS concierge will prepare a summary of the call and note areas which require follow-up either from you or from others associated with the transaction.  Your ATS concierge will deliver this summary to you as well as to your realtor and mortgage lender (if applicable) so that all parties have the most up to date and detailed communication to alleviate any disconnects before they become issues.  Your ATS concierge will schedule additional calls as necessary to confirm that any follow-up items have been satisfied.  As your closing nears, your ATS concierge will schedule a pre-closing concierge discussion to ensure that you are prepared for closing and will introduce you to the ATS representative who will attend your closingAfter closing, you will again be contacted by your ATS concierge to congratulate you and to answer any questions you may have about your new role as a home-owner.

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